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For all you do-it-yourselfers out there that take care of your own pools like I do, I just wanted to make sure you were aware that having a clean pool filter and chlorine in your pool isn't always enough.  You should be checking your pool water regularly (I take mine to the local pool store - they check it for free) to see if mother nature is causing any problems in your pool.  Too much rain, sun, or humidity can create problems for a pool.  Stabilizer, acid, calcium, and sodium bicarb are some of the other treatments your pool may need in order to have that crystal clear enticing pool water. 

In South Florida, summers can be brutal on a swimming pool.  Our high heat, humidity and rain cause pools to easily get out of whack.  Algae blooms and cloudy water are all too common in South Florida pools during the summer.  This can be easily prevented or cured just by checking your pool water with an at-home water testing kit or by taking a water sample to the pool store to find out exactly what your pool needs.  My pool became cloudy after the last several days of heavy rains.......and sure enough a water test revealed that I needed stabilizer and sodium bicarb.

A pool filter and chlorine are a good place to start, but alone they will not be enough to maintain clear and inviting pool water.