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Over the past year or so several people have contacted me looking for 7.5 inch diameter replacement D.E. grids for their Purex Triton D.E. filter.  I have not been able to locate them in the past, but took the time to research them and thought I would share the information.  7.5 inch diameter D.E. grids were made for the Purex Triton D.E. 800 Series filter models.  These were models such as SMN800.  Typically, the filter tanks were stainless steel.  The D.E. grids length ranged from 9 inches to 33 inches.

Unfortunately, Pentair (who owns the Purex Triton product line now) has stated that they are no longer making replacement parts or replacement D.E. grids for these filters.  I have also checked to see if any after-market replacement D.E. grids were being made by Unicel, Pleatco, or Filbur.  Unfortunately, none of the after-market companies that I researched were making the 7-1/2 inch diameter replacement D.E. grids.  Only the larger diameter grids are being made.  They tend to be 9-1/2 or 10-3/4 inch diameter grids.

I don't know if anyone has tried retro-fitting the larger diameter grids in their Purex Triton 800 Series filters.  It may be possible for the 12 inch and 24 inch length grids since these same lengths are being produced with larger diameters.  If anyone has tried please let us know.  If that doesn't work, I'm afraid it may be time to replace the entire filter in order to be ble to get replacement D.E. grids.