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It's almost pool season.  Would you like to extend your pool season this year?  Get yourself a quality solar pool cover.  Solar pool covers capture heat from the sun during the day and keep the cool evening air off of the water to prevent losing heat at night.  Another added benefit of a pool solar cover is that the cover helps prevent water evaporation.

Some solar pool covers can warm your pool water a full 10 degrees or more.  Solar pool covers come in a variety of thicknesses.  As thin as 6 mil and up to 16 mil.  For the most part, the thicker the solar pool cover the more efficient it will be in capturing the heat and the more durable and long lasting it will be.  Warranties often vary based on the thickness of the solar pool cover.  Most covers come in a 5 year or 10 year limited warranty with either 1 year or 2 year full warranty coverage.

If you would like to read up on some information on solar pool covers, check out the manufacturer Midwest Canvas Corporation.  This manufacturer makes quality solar pool covers as well as other types of pool covers.  The two solar covers they sell are either clear material or blue with a silver aluminum backing.  

The blue/silver aluminum backing is called their space age solar cover.  The Space Age Solar Cover collects heat from the sun's rays like most all solar covers.  However, unlike most solar covers the special aluminum underside reflects otherwise lost heat back into the pool.  This technology was researched and developed in the United States, now manufactured and licensed in the UK.  The result of this innovation is a 14.6% increase in heat retention.  This revolutionary design relies more on the aluminum underside than thickness, therefore, these solar pool covers are not as thick as others, not as expensive, yet deliver great results.

The clear solar covers made by Midwest Canvas Corp. are also a quality solar pool cover.  These are offerred in thicknesses of 12 mil and 16 mil.  Heavy duty polyethylene materials work to capture the sun's heat.  The material is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which will ensure years of use.

So, if your pool is often too cold or you'd like to extend your pool season this year, try a solar pool cover this year.  It's an affordable way to heat your pool.