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After maintaining my pool using liquid chlorine for over 10 years, I recently switched to granular chlorine and/or quick dissolving shock and what a difference!  The last few years I was having a hard time during the summer keeping my pool water clean and clear.  I was also having a constant battle with algae.  I switched about 8 months ago now, and I have never looked back.  My pool is sparkling clean and the water has great clarity.  My algae problems have all but gone away.  I had one minor algae issue in the 8 month period and that was during a time where I got distracted from maintaining the pool as closely as I should.  It was quickly resolved with a dose of granular chlorine and Natural Chemistry's PhosFree.

Liquid chlorine is mostly salt water with a low percentage of chlorine.  Granular chlorine is fast dissolving and a much higher concentrate of chlorine.  Thus your pool is sanitized much better with the granular.  Further, you don't get the salt solids building up in your pool like you do with liquid chlorine.  For me, it's been an eye opener.  It's made keeping my water balanced much easier and my pool looks better as a result.

Hope this helps you in your quest in maintaining a clean and clear pool.