Do you have a Hayward SwimClear cartridge filter?  The kind that requires four replacement cartridges?  Please be aware that there are many different models of the Hayward SwimClear, each requiring a different size replacement cartridge filter.

Hayward lists all of the different sizes of the Hayward SwimClear four cartridge models on the label of the filter body.  They are supposed to clearly mark which model is yours.  However, many filters do not have that clear identification.  Without knowing your specific SwimClear filter model you will have to identify the part number and/or measurements of your current cartridges to ensure you purchase the correct replacements.

Turn off your pump, release the air pressure in your filter using the air relief valve and remove the filter lid.  Most filter cartridges will have a manufacturer and part number located on the plastic end cap.  Most common replacement filters are Hayward originals, Unicel, and Pleatco brand filters.  These are all viable options to fit in the various Hayward SwimClear filter series models.  While you have the filter open it may also be a good idea to note down the length and diameter of one of your filter cartridges.  Having the measurements will provide another method to ensure you order the correct replacement cartridges.

Below is a list of the most common Hayward SwimClear filter models that require four cartridges:

  • Hayward SwimClear C2025 - uses the Hayward CX480XRE
  • Hayward SwimClear C2030 - uses the Hayward CX481XRE
  • Hayward SwimClear C3025/C3030 - uses the Hayward CX580XRE
  • Hayward SwimClear C4025/4030 - uses the Hayward CX880XRE
  • Hayward SwimClear C5025/5030 - uses the Hayward CX1280XRE

Check out the Hayward SwimClear filter parts diagram for further information.  In the diagram you will notice that most all parts are exactly the same for the different models of the Hayward SwimClear.  The main two variations are the filter lid and the filter replacement cartridges.  These items vary in size based upon the model of the filter.

I hope you have found this information to be useful.  And I hope it will assist you in ordering the right filter parts for your pool filter.  For all of your filter parts needs come check out