If you are looking for Hayward pool filter cartridges online in 2019 and see some unbelievable deals, be careful.  Deals to good to believe are most likely NOT good deals at all. 

Hayward offers two distinct replacement cartridge product lines: 1) The cartridge that is sold with the filter and listed as the replacement part number in their owner's manuals and parts diagrams AND 2) An economical alternative made with 25% thinner filter fabric with a part number that is the same as the original part number, but with the letters BVS at the end.  BVS stands for Blue Value Series.

Hayward top quality original replacement cartridges are made with a 4 ounce filter fabric and will have grey to black plastic end caps.  These are the part numbers you see listed in your filter owner's manual: CX900RE, CX1200RE, CX480XRE, CCX1500RE, etc.  These cartridges are the cartridges originally designed for the Hayward filters.

Hayward came out with a Blue Value Series of cartridges to better compete with other after-market competitors that were offering lower cost replacement cartridges.  The Hayward Blue Value Series cartridges are made of 3 ounce filter fabric and will have blue plastic end caps.  This is a 25% thinner fabric.  They still offer quality filtration.  However, with 25% less fabric, they will not last as long as the original 4 ounce filter fabric cartridges.  Additionally, they will have to be cleaned more frequently since less fabric gets filled with debris faster.

Many of my competitors are falsely advertising great prices on the original Hayward cartridge part numbers.  However, if you look at the details of the product description closely, you will see they are indeed selling the Blue Value Series cartridge.  For example, the product title will show Hayward CX481XRE, but in the product description in smaller print it will state cx481xrebvs.  In short, you think you are getting the original 4 ounce fabric cartridge that matches the part number you searched for, when in actuality you are getting the lower quality 3 ounce filter fabric version of the original.  It is still a Hayward, just less of a Hayward.  You are paying less for an original Hayward cartridge, but that's because you are getting less of an original Hayward cartridge.

At All Pool Filters 4 Less, we clearly state the manufacturer and part number of the product you are ordering.  You can be sure that if you order the original part number, that's what you are getting.  We do offer some of the Blue Value Series Hayward filters, however, they are clearly marked as such.

Enjoy Your Pool!

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