What if I accidently order the wrong product?

That's OK.  As long as the product is returned unused you will be refunded the full price of the product.  However, we are operating a business and because it was your mistake, you will be responsible for paying all shipping charges.  We had to pay UPS to ship it to you and you'll have to get it back to us to receive your refund.

How often do I need to replace my pool filters?

That depends on several factors such as the type of filter you have (cartridge, D.E., or sand), how much the pool is used, whether the pool is screened in or open air, the amount of leaves or debris that get into your pool, etc.  All of these things help determine the frequency you should change your filter.  For cartridge filters, the best indicator that we recommend is the speed of the water flow coming out the pool jets.  If your water flow has slowed down noticeably it could be time to either clean out the pump debris basket, clean the filter, or replace the filter.   Another good rule of thumb for a pool that gets used frequently is to replace the filters once a year to ensure your pool water flow is at it's best.  Having the proper water flow helps maintain the water clarity and balance.  For D.E. filters, the grids typically last a very long time, sometimes 3,4,5 even 7 or 8 years is not unheard of.   A sign of needing to replace your D.E. Grids is seeing D.E. particles in the pool.  Typically, the grid covers tear with age and leak D.E. particles into your pool. 

What if I cannot find the pool filter product I need?

 Did you try our Product Search functionality?  It's on the upper right side of every page.  You can enter any keyword associated to your filter such as part number or model number.  Still can't find it?  Send us an e-mail at support@allpoolfilters4less.com and we'll be glad to assist you.  If it's not on our site yet, we can check with our distributor to see if it's available

What is the CVV field in the Payment Method area during Checkout?

This is a required field needed to process your credit card.  It is added security to ensure the card being used is in the customer's possession.  For all credit card types EXCEPT American Express the CVV is the last 3-digits on the back of your card.  For American Express cards, it is the 4-digit number printed on the front side of the card (not part of the card number).