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Hayward C4025/C4030 Filter Parts

Hayward C4025/4030 Filter and Parts

The Hayward SwimClear C4025 filter is one of Hayward's SwimClear filter series variations.  With 425 square feet of filter surface area, the Hayward C4025 filter delivers filtration you would expect from a D.E. filter.  However, this filtration quality is offered in the low maintenance of four 106 square foot cartridge filters.  No dumping of gallons of water into the environment during a backwash cycle is required, rather just remove the Hayward C4025 cartridges and spray them off with a garden hose.  Additionally, there is no multiport valve which saves on electricity.  Four 106 square foot filter cartridge elements inside a durable thermoplastic body achieves maximum water flow and maximum filtration with minimal maintenance in the Hayward Swimclear C4025.

Hayward's latest version of this filter unit is the Hayward SwimClear C4030.

Hayward C4025 and C4030 Filter Parts Diagram.

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