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Natural Chemistry Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Total 2L - 05225 Natural Chemistry 2L Pool Perfect Total - New from All Pool Filters 4 Less.. Product #: 05225 Regular price: $25.99 $25.99

Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Total 2L - 05225

Brand: Natural Chemistry
Product Code: 05225
Weight: 6.00lb


  • Natural Chemistry 2 Liter Pool Perfect Total
  • 3 ways to help keep your water perfect in one product
    • Enhanced water clarification technology to make the water shine
    • Phosphate removers to keep unwanted "algae food" out of your water
    • Enzymes to break down pollens, body oil, and sunscreens
  • Dosage of 1 capful per 10,000 gallons per week.  A 2L bottle will last 8 weeks
  • Pool may be used immediately after application

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